Sustainability Committee Resolution

Establishment of Canton Sustainability Committee

One of the four goals of Canton’s Community Action Plan, adopted in 2011, is to “strengthen Canton’s future through sustainable development.” Among the recommended actions of this goal was to develop a Sustainability Committee, which could then pursue and oversee some of the objectives of the goal.

Whereas: Canton’s economic and community development should be considered within a framework of sustainability, so that the current generation of Canton citizens is meeting its needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their needs; and

Whereas: All actions, policies, and projects undertaken in–implementing the community action plan or otherwise–should be considered for their impact on maintaining or enhancing our community’s human, natural, and financial resources; and

Whereas: For Canton to move down the path toward sustainability, it must implement actions that yield economic, environmental, and social benefits concurrently; and

Whereas:  The knowledge base for sustainable development practices and technologies is complex and changing rapidly, and Canton enjoys substantial resources and expertise through local universities, established organizations, professionals working in the community, and committed residents to help identify and/or implement practices that deliver services efficiently while conserving resources; therefore

Be it resolved that: A Sustainability Committee be established to pursue the establishment and implementation of an Environmental Action Plan, consistent with the intent the Canton Community Action Plan.

Approved unanimously by the Village Board on September 22, 2014