Spring Grass and Brush Pick-Up

The Village will begin spring brush pick-ups on Monday, April 13. The crews will pick up brush, leaves, and grass bagged in paper bags, and they will chip and remove wood and branches under 6” in diameter. Please leave your brush by your front curb.

During the pick-up period – April 13 through May 8 – the crew follows a route that covers about 16 miles of Village roads; once complete they run the route again.  If you think the trucks are passing your piles by, understand that there’s a system they follow to ensure they cover all neighborhoods equally.  As they did last year, the DPW will also do pick-ups once a month – on the last Thursday of the month – from June through October, when fall pick-up will be scheduled.

Questions about brush pick-ups should be directed to Superintendent Brien Hallahan at supt@cantonny.us or 386-4700 ext 5.