Information Regarding Hillary Trial

Notice to property owners in the vicinity of the Court House

This letter is to make sure you are aware of the impact the upcoming trial for Oral Hillary will likely have on your neighborhood. The Village of Canton and St. Lawrence County have been planning for the increased traffic in and around the County Court House, specifically for jury selection and then for the trial. Jury selection is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, September 7 with jurors being called in at a rate of 100 at a time.

On street parking is allowed on many of the area streets and you should expect to see increased parking activity from Tuesday, September 6th on. The Village and County are working together ensure that County Government will function as normally as possible.  County employee parking and County Fleet vehicles are being relocated and shuttles will be operated during jury selection and the trial.

The Village is asking for your patience during this time. The Police and Fire Department will be monitoring the area closely to ensure that emergency vehicles have access to all streets and to prevent illegal parking. Please contact the Village of Canton Police Department (315)386-4561 if your access to your property is restricted or you have other concerns.



Michael E. Dalton